A revolutionary way to grow

Clearly Grown is an innovative ag-tech company focused on hydroponic cultivation and will be launching in the fresh strawberry market.

Why Strawberries?

Billion Annually in the US
$ 0
Strawberries are the second largest fresh fruit market in the US

Field-grown berries are one of the most sprayed crops. Our berries will never see pesticides.

future focused

We are a future-focused company that will change the way produce is grown and delivered to markets. We are building out our technology and capacity via a 3 phase plan. As we do so, there are opportunities for investors with a vision to get in on the ground floor.

What to learn more?

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innovative growing system

We have developed a truly innovative grow system that is unlike any other and will allow us to both produce more berries than other hydroponic growers, while reducing our labor needs. Our system ensures both the highest standards of worker safety as well as produce quality. In short, we are leading a revolution in agriculture

What to learn more?

Download our Pitch Deck

Corporate Summary

Founded in 2022, Clearly Grown is an early-stage startup, with tremendous potential. With our outsider approach to ag-tech, we live innovation, while being grounded in both business acumen, and horticultural rigor. Clearly grown aims to position itself as the transformative element in bringing the promise of hydroponic production into reality.

Our Vision

Clearly Grown is a company founded on the ideals of producing clean, healthy, affordable produce that minimally impacts our environment. We use cutting edge technology merged with a deep knowledge of cultivation to bring high-quality products to market. We aim to be the innovators that shape the future of agriculture. The systems we develop must also fit our high ethical standards.

Jim Hewitt

Jim Hewitt owns Conservatory Craftsmen, a thriving conservatory building company. His experience leading teams and growing businesses from small beginnings will guide Clearly Grown forward.

Allison Johnson

Allison Johnson’s background in nutrition and her passion for the environment keeps Clearly Grown on the path of sustainability. Her decade of experience in the banking sector will ensure our ethics support our bottom line.

Dr. Alex Eilts

Dr. Alex Eilts has expertise in water and nutrient transport in plants, has studied nutrient movement in strawberries directly, as well as a deep knowledge of horticultural techniques.
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